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About Us

Bible or Quran

#Bible or #Quran is a Christian YouTube Channel that shares the good news of the Bible. This channel is founded by Anthony Emmanuel, a businessman. His main goal is to inform people about the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Wherein he will be discussing the truths behind the Bible and his truth to life experiences, that he was a Catholic, and what led him to be born again as a Christian. He wants to share the experience of God's saving grace which brought him salvation.

This channel also contains matters related to Islam, what adverse effects it naturally causes those with little faith, and how they can conquer and find their way back to the right path.

Anthony Emmanuel describes it well, through this channel, the comparison between Islam and Christianity, and how Christianity excels in every way.

He will also be discussing the Quran in detail and the lies therein.

#bibleorquran #jesus #islam

This Chanel features Christian testimonies and how GOD changes lives.

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